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ToyTypeSeriesRelease datePriceMedal(s)Yo-kai
Baddinyan Medal Moments FigureMedal Moments Figures1Early 2016$4.99Baddinyan Medal (Medal Moments)Baddinyan
Blazion Medal Moments FigureMedal Moments Figures1Early 2016$4.99Blazion Medal (Medal Moments)Blazion
Blazion PlushPlushes1Early 2016$9.99Blazion
Dog TagsDog Tags1January 2016$????
Jibanyan Converting FigureConverting Figures1Early 2016$14.99Jibanyan Medal (Converting Figure)Jibanyan
Jibanyan Medal Moments FigureMedal Moments Figures1Early 2016$4.99Jibanyan Medal (Medal Moments 1)Jibanyan
Jibanyan Mood Reveal FigureMood Reveal Figures1Early 2016$9.99Jibanyan
Jibanyan PlushPlushes1Early 2016$9.99Jibanyan
Komajiro Medal Moments FigureMedal Moments Figures2Spring 2016$4.99Komajiro MedalKomajiro
Komasan Converting FigureConverting Figures1Early 2016$14.99Komasan Medal (Converting Figure)Komasan
Komasan Medal Moments FigureMedal Moments Figures1Early 2016$4.99Komasan MedalKomasan
Komasan Mood Reveal FigureMood Reveal Figures1Early 2016$9.99Komasan
Komasan PlushPlushes1Early 2016$9.99Komasan
Medallium Collection BookCollection Books1Early 2016$14.99Kyubi Medal
Medallium Collection Book Pages (Series 1)Collection Book Pages1Early 2016$4.99Beetall Medal
Medallium Collection Book Pages (Series 2)Collection Book Pages2Spring 2016$4.99??
Noko Medal Moments FigureMedal Moments Figures1Early 2016$4.99Noko MedalNoko
Noway Medal Moments FigureMedal Moments Figures2Spring 2016$4.99Noway MedalNoway
Paws of Fury Jibanyan Medal Moments FigureMedal Moments Figures1Early 2016$4.99Paws of Fury Jibanyan Medal (Medal Moments)Jibanyan
Robonyan Medal Moments FigureMedal Moments Figures2Spring 2016$4.99Robonyan MedalRobonyan
Robonyan Mood Reveal FigureMood Reveal Figures1Early 2016$9.99Robonyan
Robonyan PlushPlushes1Early 2016$9.99Robonyan
Series 1 Medals Blind BagMedals Blind Bags1Early 2016$2.9944 Medals
Series 2 Medals Blind BagMedals Blind Bags2Spring 2016$2.9950 Medals
Series 3 Medals Blind BagMedals Blind Bags3Summer 2016$2.9950 Medals
Series 4 Medals Blind BagMedals Blind Bags4Summer 2016$2.9950 Medals
Tattletell Medal Moments FigureMedal Moments Figures1Early 2016$4.99Tattletell MedalTattletell
Walkappa PlushPlushes1Early 2016$9.99Walkappa
Whisper Converting FigureConverting Figures2Spring 2016$14.99Whisper Medal (Converting Figure)Whisper
Whisper Medal Moments FigureMedal Moments Figures1Early 2016$4.99Whisper Medal (Medal Moments)Whisper
Yo-Motion Series 1 Medals Mystery PackMedals Blind BagsYo-Motion Series 1 Medals Mystery Pack2016$3.9930 Medals
Yo-Motion Series 2 Medals Mystery PackMedals Blind BagsYo-Motion Series 2 Medals Mystery Pack2017$3.9930 Medals
Yo-kai Watch (Series 1)Watches1Early 2016$19.99Paws of Fury Jibanyan Medal
Jibanyan Medal (Series 1 Watch)
Whisper Medal (Series 1 Watch)
Yo-kai Watch Game of LifeBoard Games2Spring 2016$??Spenp Medal
Count Cavity Medal
Yo-kai Watch Monopoly JuniorBoard Games2Spring 2016$14.99Goldenyan Medal


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Promotional Medals

Promotional Medals are acquired from various events and activities in real life.

MedalTribeRarityPriceYo-kaiAcquired by
Beetall MedalBrave1 in 1??BeetallMedallium Collection Book Pages (Series 1)
Count Cavity MedalShady1 in 1??Count CavityYo-kai Watch Game of Life
Dianyan MedalCharming1 in 1??DianyanAcquired in 2016 San Diego Comic Con
Emenyan MedalCharming1 in 1??EmenyanAcquired in 2016 San Diego Comic Con
Goldenyan MedalTough1 in 1??GoldenyanYo-kai Watch Monopoly Junior
Jibanyan Medal (Converting Figure)Charming1 in 1??JibanyanJibanyan Converting Figure
Jibanyan Medal (Medal Moments 1)Charming1 in 1??JibanyanJibanyan Medal Moments Figure
Jibanyan Medal (Medal Moments 2)Charming1 in 1??JibanyanJibanyan Medal Moments Figure
Jibanyan Medal (Series 1 Watch)Charming1 in 1??JibanyanYo-kai Watch (Series 1)
Komasan Medal (Converting Figure)Charming1 in 1??KomasanKomasan Converting Figure
Kyubi MedalMysterious1 in 1??KyubiMedallium Collection Book
Libertynyan MedalHeartful1 in 1??LibertynyanAcquired in 2015 New York Comic Con
Orcanos MedalBoss1 in 1??OrcanosMedallium Collection Book Pages (Series 2)
Paws of Fury Jibanyan MedalCharming1 in 1??JibanyanYo-kai Watch (Series 1)
Rattelle MedalCharming1 in 1??RattelleSpend $20 at GameStop
Robonyan Medal (Medal Moments)Tough1 in 1??RobonyanRobonyan Medal Moments Figure
Rubinyan MedalCharming1 in 1??RubinyanAcquired in 2016 San Diego Comic Con
Sapphinyan MedalCharming1 in 1??SapphinyanAcquired in 2016 San Diego Comic Con
Slush MedalEerie1 in 1??SlushSpend $10 at GameStop
Snartle MedalBrave1 in 1??SnartleMedallium Collection Book Pages (Series 2)
Topanyan MedalCharming1 in 1??TopanyanAcquired in 2016 San Diego Comic Con
Whisper Medal (Converting Figure)???1 in 1??WhisperWhisper Converting Figure
Whisper Medal (Medal Moments)???1 in 1??WhisperWhisper Medal Moments Figure
Whisper Medal (Series 1 Watch)???1 in 1??WhisperYo-kai Watch (Series 1)

Series 1 Medals

Series 1 Medals are randomly obtained from Series 1 Medals Blind Bag. Each bag has 3 random medals and each tray has 24 bags. There are a total of 44 individual medals in Series 1. They become available in Q1 2016.

MedalTribeRarityPriceYo-kaiAcquired by
Abodabat MedalShady1 in 24??AbodabatSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Awevil MedalShady1 in 24??AwevilSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Azure Dragon MedalSlippery1 in 24??Azure DragonSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
B3-NK1 MedalBrave1 in 24??B3-NK1Series 1 Medals Blind Bag
Baddinyan MedalCharming1 in 24??BaddinyanSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Baddinyan Medal (Medal Moments)Charming1 in 1??BaddinyanBaddinyan Medal Moments Figure
Badude MedalTough1 in 24??BadudeSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Blazion Medal (Medal Moments)Brave1 in 1??BlazionBlazion Medal Moments Figure
Bruff MedalTough1 in 24??BruffSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Castelius II MedalTough1 in 24??Castelius IISeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Castelius III MedalTough1 in 24??Castelius IIISeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Castelius Max MedalTough1 in 24??Castelius MaxSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Confuze MedalSlippery1 in 24??ConfuzeSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Cruncha MedalBrave1 in 24??CrunchaSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Cynake MedalSlippery1 in 24??CynakeSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Grumples MedalEerie1 in 24??GrumplesSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Hornaplenty MedalTough1 in 24??HornaplentySeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Hungramps MedalHeartful3 in 24??HungrampsSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Infour MedalMysterious1 in 24??InfourSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Jibanyan Medal (NYCC '15)Charming1 in 1??JibanyanNew York Comic Con 2015
Kapunki MedalBrave1 in 24??KapunkiSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Komajiro MedalCharming3 in 24??KomajiroSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Komasan MedalCharming3 in 24??KomasanSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Komiger MedalCharming2 in 24??KomigerSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Noko MedalSlippery4 in 24??NokoSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Ol' Fortune MedalHeartful1 in 24??Ol' FortuneSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Ol’ Fortune MedalHeartful1 in 24??Ol' FortuneSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Pandanoko MedalSlippery2 in 24??PandanokoSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Pandle MedalBrave2 in 24??PandleSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Paws of Fury Jibanyan Medal (Medal Moments)Charming1 in 1??JibanyanPaws of Fury Jibanyan Medal Moments Figure
Q'Wit MedalMysterious1 in 24??Q'witSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Rhinoggin MedalTough1 in 24??RhinogginSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Rhyth MedalHeartful2 in 24??RhythSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Roughraff MedalTough2 in 24??RoughraffSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Shogunyan MedalBrave1 in 24??ShogunyanSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Shrook MedalSlippery1 in 24??ShrookSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Signibble MedalMysterious3 in 24??SignibbleSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Steppa MedalHeartful4 in 24??SteppaSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Swosh MedalTough1 in 24??SwoshSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Tanbo MedalBrave1 in 24??TanboSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Tattlecast MedalMysterious1 in 24??TattlecastSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Tattletell MedalMysterious4 in 24??TattletellSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Undy MedalBrave1 in 24??UndySeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Urnaconda MedalSlippery1 in 24??UrnacondaSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Venoct MedalSlippery1 in 24??VenoctSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Walkappa MedalCharming4 in 24??WalkappaSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Walldin MedalTough1 in 24??WalldinSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Wazzat MedalMysterious2 in 24??WazzatSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag
Wiglin MedalHeartful2 in 24??WiglinSeries 1 Medals Blind Bag

Series 2 Medals

Series 2 Medals are randomly obtained from Series 2 Medals Blind Bag. Each bag has 3 random medals and each tray has 24 bags. There are a total of 51 individual medals in Series 2. They became available in Spring 2016.

MedalTribeRarityPriceYo-kaiAcquired by
Agon MedalShady1 in 24??AgonSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Alhail MedalEerie1 in 24??AlhailSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Auntie Heart MedalHeartful1 in 24??Auntie HeartSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Blazion MedalBrave1 in 24??BlazionSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Blizzaria MedalCharming1 in 24??BlizzariaSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Bloominoko MedalSlippery1 in 24??BloominokoSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Buhu MedalEerie3 in 24??BuhuSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Chatalie MedalEerie3 in 24??ChatalieSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Cheeksqueek MedalEerie1 in 24??CheeksqueekSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Compunzer MedalEerie1 in 24??CompunzerSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Contrarioni MedalShady1 in 24??ContrarioniSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Copperled MedalSlippery1 in 24??CopperledSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Croonger MedalSlippery1 in 24??CroongerSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Daiz MedalSlippery1 in 24??DaizSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Damona MedalCharming1 in 24??DamonaSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Dazzabel MedalCharming2 in 24??DazzabelSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Dimmy MedalShady3 in 24??DimmySeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Dragon Lord MedalSlippery1 in 24??Dragon LordSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Dromp MedalTough1 in 24??DrompSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Dummkap MedalMysterious3 in 24??DummkapSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Elder Bloom MedalHeartful1 in 24??Elder BloomSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Enerfly MedalHeartful1 in 24??EnerflySeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Fidgephant MedalTough1 in 24??FidgephantSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Fishpicable MedalSlippery1 in 24??FishpicableSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Frostail MedalMysterious1 in 24??FrostailSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Heheheel MedalSlippery2 in 24??HeheheelSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Hidabat MedalShady3 in 24??HidabatSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Lava Lord MedalTough1 in 24??Lava LordSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Mad Mountain MedalTough1 in 24??Mad MountainSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Mama Aura MedalHeartful1 in 24??Mama AuraSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Manjimutt MedalEerie1 in 24??ManjimuttSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Negasus MedalShady1 in 24??NegasusSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Noway MedalTough3 in 24??NowaySeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Pinkipoo MedalCharming1 in 24??PinkipooSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Pookivil MedalCharming1 in 24??PookivilSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Pupsicle MedalCharming3 in 24??PupsicleSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Reversette MedalHeartful1 in 24??ReversetteSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Robonyan MedalTough1 in 24??RobonyanSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Rollen MedalHeartful1 in 24??RollenSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Sir Berus MedalEerie1 in 24??Sir BerusSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Skelebella MedalCharming1 in 24??SkelebellaSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Slacka-slash MedalBrave1 in 24??Slacka-slashSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Snotsolong MedalMysterious3 in 24??SnotsolongSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Suspicioni MedalShady3 in 24??SuspicioniSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Tantroni MedalShady3 in 24??TantroniSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Tengloom MedalShady1 in 24??TengloomSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Thornyan MedalCharming1 in 24??ThornyanSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Timidevil MedalShady1 in 24??TimidevilSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Touphant MedalTough1 in 24??TouphantSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag
Zerberker MedalBrave1 in 24??ZerberkerSeries 2 Medals Blind Bag

Series 3 Medals

Series 3 Medals are randomly obtained from Series 3 Medals Blind Bag. Each bag has 3 random medals and each tray has 24 bags. There are a total of 50 individual medals in Series 3. They became available in Summer 2016.

MedalTribeRarityPriceYo-kaiAcquired by
Almi MedalSlippery1 in 24??AlmiSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Appak MedalCharming1 in 24??AppakSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Armsman MedalTough2 in 24??ArmsmanSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Baku MedalCharming2 in 24??BakuSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Belfree MedalShady1 in 24??BelfreeSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Cadable MedalCharming1 in 24??CadableSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Casanono MedalMysterious1 in 24??CasanonoSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Chilhuahua MedalCharming1 in 24??ChilhuahuaSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
D'wanna MedalMysterious3 in 24??D'wannaSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Dandoodle MedalEerie1 in 24??DandoodleSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Darumacho MedalTough1 in 24??DarumachoSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Draggie MedalSlippery4 in 24??DraggieSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Duchoo MedalMysterious2 in 24??DuchooSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Dulluma MedalTough2 in 24??DullumaSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Elloo MedalMysterious1 in 24??EllooSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Espy MedalMysterious1 in 24??EspySeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Eterna MedalEerie1 in 24??EternaSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Frostina MedalCharming1 in 24??FrostinaSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Goruma MedalTough1 in 24??GorumaSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Grainpa MedalHeartful1 in 24??GrainpaSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Greesel MedalShady1 in 24??GreeselSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Helmsman MedalBrave3 in 24??HelmsmanSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Hungorge MedalHeartful1 in 24??HungorgeSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Impass MedalTough1 in 24??ImpassSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Insomni MedalEerie1 in 24??InsomniSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Komane MedalCharming1 in 24??KomaneSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Lamedian MedalEerie1 in 24??LamedianSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Minochi MedalBrave5 in 24??MinochiSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Mirapo MedalMysterious1 in 24??MirapoSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Mircle MedalMysterious1 in 24??MircleSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Nagatha MedalEerie1 in 24??NagathaSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Payn MedalShady1 in 24??PaynSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Peckpocket MedalEerie5 in 24??PeckpocketSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Peppillon MedalHeartful1 in 24??PeppillonSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Rageon MedalSlippery1 in 24??RageonSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Reuknight MedalBrave1 in 24??ReuknightSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Reversa MedalHeartful1 in 24??ReversaSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Rhinormous MedalTough1 in 24??RhinormousSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Rockabelly MedalEerie4 in 24??RockabellySeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Sandi MedalEerie1 in 24??SandiSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Scritchy MedalShady1 in 24??ScritchySeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Shmoopie MedalCharming1 in 24??ShmoopieSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Signiton MedalMysterious1 in 24??SignitonSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Skranny MedalMysterious1 in 24??SkrannySeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Skreek MedalEerie1 in 24??SkreekSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Slitheref MedalSlippery1 in 24??SlitherefSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Swelterrier MedalCharming1 in 24??SwelterrierSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Wantson MedalHeartful1 in 24??WantstonSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag
Whapir MedalCharming1 in 24??WhapirSeries 3 Medals Blind Bag

Series 4 Medals

Series 4 Medals are randomly obtained from Series 4 Medals Blind Bag. Each bag has 3 random medals and each tray has 24 bags. There are a total of 50 individual medals in Series 4. They became available in Summer 2016.

MedalTribeRarityPriceYo-kaiAcquired by
Ake MedalShady3 in 24??AkeSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Babblong MedalSlippery1 in 24??BabblongSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Bananose MedalSlippery1 in 24??BananoseSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Beelzebold MedalShady1 in 24??BeelzeboldSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Beetler MedalBrave1 in 24??BeetlerSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Benkei MedalBrave1 in 24??BenkeiSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Blandon MedalShady1 in 24??BlandonSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Blips MedalMysterious1 in 24??BlipsSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Blowkade MedalTough3 in 24??BlowkadeSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Cadin MedalCharming3 in 24??CadinSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Castelius I MedalTough1 in 24??Castelius ISeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Chansin MedalBrave1 in 24??ChansinSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Chummer MedalSlippery1 in 24??ChummerSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Corptain MedalBrave1 in 24??CorptainSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Cupistol MedalMysterious2 in 24??CupistolSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Cutta-nah-nah MedalBrave1 in 24??Cutta-nah-nahSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Dismarelda MedalEerie1 in 24??DismareldaSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Drizzle MedalEerie1 in 24??DrizzleSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Droplette MedalEerie3 in 24??DropletteSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Dubbles MedalHeartful1 in 24??DubblesSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Gleam MedalBrave1 in 24??GleamSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Grubsnitch MedalHeartful1 in 24??GrubsnitchSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Happierre MedalHeartful1 in 24??HappierreSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Illoo MedalMysterious1 in 24??IllooSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Komashura MedalMysterious1 in 24??KomashuraSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Lafalotta MedalMysterious3 in 24??LafalottaSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Leadoni MedalShady3 in 24??LeadoniSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Ledballoon MedalTough3 in 24??LedballoonSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Lodo MedalHeartful1 in 24??LodoSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Mochismo MedalBrave3 in 24??MochismoSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Moskevil MedalShady1 in 24??MoskevilSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Mynimo MedalShady4 in 24??MynimoSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
N'more MedalMysterious1 in 24??N'moreSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Negatibuzz MedalShady2 in 24??NegatibuzzSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Neighfarious MedalShady1 in 24??NeighfariousSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Nird MedalShady1 in 24??NirdSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Nul MedalShady1 in 24??NulSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Ol' Saint Trick MedalHeartful1 in 24??Ol' Saint TrickSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Papa Bolt MedalHeartful2 in 24??Papa BoltSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Quaken MedalBrave1 in 24??QuakenSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Shadow Venoct MedalSlippery1 in 24??Shadow VenoctSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Sheen MedalBrave1 in 24??SheenSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Singcada MedalCharming1 in 24??SingcadaSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Siro MedalBrave1 in 24??SiroSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Snee MedalBrave1 in 24??SneeSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Supyo MedalCharming1 in 24??SupyoSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Sushiyama MedalBrave1 in 24??SushiyamaSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Tengu MedalMysterious1 in 24??TenguSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Tunatic MedalSlippery1 in 24??TunaticSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag
Uncle Infinite MedalHeartful1 in 24??Uncle InfiniteSeries 4 Medals Blind Bag