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Yo-kai Watch: Wibble Wobble or Wib Wob is an iOS and Android game based on Yo-kai and characters from Yo-kai Watch series. The game was released in North America on March 24, 2016..


During each game of Wibble Wobble, players link the Wib Wobs (Yo-kai bubble heads) together to create bigger Wib Wobs then popping them. Players link them by dragging the identical Wib Wobs that are next to each other. Linking the Wib Wobs create bigger ones that do more damage when you pop them. Popping Wib Wobs in rapid succession create combos that increase damage. Aside from damaging enemies, popping Wib Wobs also fill Soultimate Move Meters and linking Wib Wobs will fill Fever Time Meter. The bigger the popped Wib Wob, the greater the effect. Players win the match by damaging and defeating all of the enemies before they can deplete your HP to 0.

Players battle through stages. Each stage features one or more enemies that players have to defeat to unlock the next stage. Occasionally, after completing a stage, the stage's Yo-kai will befriend the player. Afterwards, player can incorporate that Yo-kai into his or her team.



See also: Wibble Wobble Tribe Interactions

When you have 2 or more of Yo-kai of same Tribe on your team, you get a boost to their Attack and HP. The more of the same Tribe you have, the greater the effect, 2 Yo-kai get 10% while 5 get 30%.

There are 8 Tribes in Yo-kai Watch. Each Tribe is either more compatible, less compatible or neutral with another Tribe. Your team's Tribe compatibility affects the amount of damage you do to your enemies. Your Wib Wob does more damage if there is a member of a compatible Tribe on your team and does less damage if there is a member of incompatible Tribe on your team.

Tribe Compatibility

See also: Wibble Wobble Tribe Compatibility
Wib Wob Compatible Tribes Incompatible Tribes Neutral Tribes
Brave Mysterious, Slippery Shady, Eerie Charming, Tough, Heartful
Mysterious Charming, Heartful Brave, Tough Shady, Slippery, Eerie
Charming Shady, Eerie Mysterious, Slippery Brave, Tough, Heartful
Shady Brave, Tough Charming, Heartful Mysterious, Slippery, Eerie
Tough Mysterious, Slippery Shady, Eerie Brave, Charming, Heartful
Slippery Charming, Heartful Brave, Tough Mysterious, Shady, Eerie
Heartful Shady, Eerie Mysterious, Slippery Brave, Charming, Tough
Eerie Brave, Tough Charming, Heartful Mysterious, Shady, Slippery


Combos are achieved by popping size 2 or larger Wib Wobs within 3 seconds of one another. When you pop a size 2 or larger Wib Wob, you start a combo chain. You can 3 seconds to pop another size 2 or larger Wib Wob to continue the chain. The longer the chain, the more bonus damage the Wib Wobs deal when you pop them.

  • To combo correctly you need to create large Wib Wobs then pop them within the 3 second window.
  • Stringing really large Wib Wobs (6+) can cause you to lose the Combo because of the animation of the Wib Wobs linking together.
  • When you use a Soultimate move, keep a large Wib Wob ready to activate it right after the move to keep the Combo going.
  • You do not break the combo by accidentally popping a size 1 Wib Wob, as long as you immediately pop a size 2+ within the 3 second window.

Big Wib Wobs

Players can create larger Wib Wobs by linking multiple smaller Wib Wobs together. You can only link Wib Wobs that are next to each other and the same yokai wib wob. Popping large Wib Wobs not only do more damage to the enemies but also fills up the Fever Time meter and Soultimate Move meter far faster. Popping large Wib Wobs fills up the meters faster than Combo-ing.

Fever Time

Fever Time meter is filled when you link the same Wib Wobs together. When the meter is filled, you can unleash Fever Time.

During Fever Time, time is paused and enemies will not attack you. All of your actions earn you additional score and do extra damage. Your attacks (popping Wib Wobs and unleashing Soultimate Moves) are stacked and are unleashed at the end of Fever Time as one powerful strike. If you're facing multiple opponents, Fever Time attack will damage all of them. Use Attack-based Soultimate Moves during Fever Time to do massive AoE damage.

Soultimate Moves

Soultimate Moves are special abilities used by a Yo-kai when its Soultimate Move meter is filled. Different Yo-kai have different abilities. Some will attack and damage enemies, other will heal your HP. Some increases your score while others boosts your Y-Money earned. Knowing what the Yo-kai's Soultimate Move is and when to use it is crucial to optimize your playstyle.

Soultimate Move meter is filled when you pop Wib Wobs of that specific Yo-kai. Popping a very large Wib Wob will greatly fill the meter.

When you befriend the same Yo-kai multiple times, you get get extra Yo-kai, instead your Soultimate Move's rating increases.

Bonus Ball

When you pop a large Wib Wob, there is a chance of a Bonus Ball dropping. When popped, Bonus Ball increases the size of all nearby Wib Wobs. Size 11 or higher Wib Wob will guarantee to drop a Bonus Ball. Larger Wib Wobs drop larger Bonus Balls.

Tips and Tricks

Assembling Your Team

  • Make sure your team consists of Yo-kai with different colors. If you have a team of Yo-kai with same colors, you might get mix them up during the game.
  • Rank of your Yo-kai is quite important. Higher Rank Yo-kai generally have higher stats.
  • There are 7 Yo-kai Tribes. Each tribe is compatible with 2 other tribes and incompatible with another 2 tribes. A Yo-kai will do increased damage when there's compatible Yo-kai(s) on the team. It will do reduced damage when there are incompatible ones.
  • Having 2 or more Yo-kai of same tribe on your team will increase the HP and Attack of those Yo-kai. The more same Tribe Yo-kai you have on your team, the stronger they are.

Level Up Yo-kai Quickly

Fastest way to level up Yo-kai is to use XP orbs purchased from the Shop.

In any Level of each map, you'll face Noko. When defeated, Noko gives a large amount of XP to your entire team. You can grind there.

Farm Y-Money Fast

How to Befriend Yo-kai

When you defeat a Yo-kai, you might befriend it. You can increase the chance of befriending the Yo-kai by giving it it's Favorite Food. To give it food, tap on the magnifying glass in the top left corner during the game. You can purchase food from the Shop.

You can use Shmoopie from Stage 6 to befriend Yo-kai. Her Soultimate move, Heartstring Tug, increases the chance of befriending the Yo-kai at the end of the battle or casanuva by sending 500 spirits.

Unlock a Seal in the Medallium

When you befriend a Yo-kai and it says that you have unlocked a seal in your Medallium. This indicates that you're closer to unlocking a Legendary Yo-kai of greatest rarity.

Wib Wobs

See also: Wib Wobs


Yo-kai and Yo-kai

Yo-kai and Item

How to Acquire Evolution Items

See also: Evolution Items in Wibble Wobble
Item Use Acquired by
General's Soul evolve Beetler into Beetall Stage 1-7 of Sewer A
GHz Orb evolve Signibble into Signiton Statiking (rare Yo-kai World Stage 179 encounter) OR Hidden Stage 11
Glacial Clip evolve Frostina into Blizzaria Silver 2 Perk for in-app purchase OR Auntie Heart (rare Excellent Tower Stage 157 encounter)
Shard of Evil evolve Timidevil into Beelzebold Stage 6-10 of Sewer F
Ageless Powder evolve Grumples into Everfore Whapir (rare Mt. Wildwood Stage 23 and 33 encounter)

How to Acquire Every Yo-kai

See also: How to Get Each Yo-kai in Wibble Wobble


ID# Yo-kai Acquired by
101 Pandle Uptown Springdale, Stage 1
102 Undy Evolve Pandle (#101) at Lv. 16
103 Tanbo Sewer C, Stage 3.8
104 Mochismo Blossom Heights, Stage 55
105 Minochi Mt. Wildwood, Stage 27
106 Blazion Mt. Wildwood, Hidden Stage 2
107 Quaken Mt. Wildwood, Hidden Stage 2
108 Siro Yo-kai World, Hidden Stage 17
109 Beetler Excellent Tower, Stage 143
110 Betall Fusion: Beetler + General's Soul
111 Cruncha Crank-a-kai
112 Zerberker Sewer F, Stage 6.10
113 Snartle Crank-a-kai
114 Shogunyan Medallium Seal 1
115 Lie-in Uptown Springdale, Stage 10
116 Slicenrice Blossom Heights, Stage 42
117 Tublappa Mt. Wildwood, Stage 26
118 Sgt. Burly Mt. Wildwood, Stage 16
119 Lie-in Heart Evolve Lie-in (#115) at Lv. 36


ID# Yo-kai Acquired by
201 Espy Breezy Hills, Hidden Stage 9
202 Infour Sewer D, 4.9
203 Wazzat Uptown Springdale, Stage 3
204 Dummkap Uptown Springdale, Stage 3
205 Casanuva Mission: Send 500 spirit to friends
206 Casanono Breezy Hills. Hidden Stage 12
207 Tattletell Blossom Heights, Stage 37
208 Skranny Mt. Wildwood, Stage 32
209 Tattlecast Evolve Tattletell (#207) at Lv. 22
210 Signibble Downtown Springdale, Stage 70
211 Signiton Fusion: Signibble + GHz Orb
212 Master Oden Breezy Hills, Hidden Stage 11
213 Statiking Yo-kai World, Stage 179 (rare)
214 Mirapo Mt. Wildwood, Stage 19
215 Mircle Crank-a-kai
216 Illoo Downtown Springdale, Stage 65
217 Elloo Blossom Heights, Stage 58
218 Alloo Excellent Tower, Stage 150
219 Kyubi Crank-a-kai
220 Frostail Yo-kai World, Hidden Stage 19
221 Komashura Medallium Seal 2


ID# Yo-kai Acquired by
301 Dulluma Uptown Springdale, Stage 2
302 Darumacho Fusion: Dulluma + Mochismo
303 Goruma Shopper's Row, Stage 108
304 Noway Uptown Springdale, Stage 9
305 Mad Mountain Downtown Springdale, Stage 74
306 Lava Lord Downtown Springdale, Stage 67
307 Rhinoggin Breezy Hills, Stage 119
308 Robonyan Excellent Tower, Hidden Stage 13
309 Goldenyan Mission: 100 medallium slots filled
310 Fidgephant Blossom Heights, Stage 47
311 Touphant Blossom Heights, Stage 47
312 Roughraff Blossom Heights, Stage 39
313 Badude Evolve Roughraff (#312) at Lv. 26
314 Bruff Yo-kai World, Hidden Stage 14
315 Gilgaros Medallium Seal 5
316 Wotchagot Mt. Wildwood, Stage 29
317 Swelton Downtown Springdale, Stage 63
318 Pride Shrimp Fusion: Papa Windbag + Wotchagot


ID# Yo-kai Acquired by
401 Baku Mt. Wildwood, Stage 31
402 Whapir Mt. Wildwood, Stage 23 (rare)
403 Frostina Sewer E, Stage 5.9
404 Blizzaria Fusion: Frostina + Glacial Clip
405 Damona Crank-a-kai
406 Cadin Uptown Springdale, Stage 11
407 Jibanyan Uptown Springdale, Stage 4
408 Thornyan Crank-a-kai
409 Baddinyan Crank-a-kai
410 Dianyan Black I IAP perk
411 Sapphinyan Silver II IAP perk
412 Emenyan Gold I IAP perk
413 Rubinyan Gold III IAP perk
414 Topanyan Platinum II IAP perk
415 Walkappa Uptown Springdale, Stage 10
416 Komasan Uptown Springdale, Hidden Stage 1
417 Komajiro Uptown Springdale, Hidden Stage 1
418 Chilhuahua Excellent Observation Deck, Stage 7.10
419 Swelterrier Crank-a-kai
420 Shmoopie Uptown Springdale, Stage 6
421 Boyclops Blossom Heights, Stage 49
426 Jibanyan A Crank-a-kai
427 Jibanyan S Fusion: Jibanyan + Jibanyan A
428 Komasan A Crank-a-kai
429 Komasan S Fusion: Komasan + Komasan A


ID# Yo-kai Acquired by
501 Hungramps Uptown Springdale, Stage 8
502 Grainpa Downtown Springdale, Hidden Stage 6
503 Enerfly Mt. Wildwood, Stage 25
504 Enefly Downtown Springdale, Stage 68
505 Betterfly Fusion: Enefly + Enerfly
506 Peppillon Crank-a-kai
507 Wiglin Uptown Springdale, Stage 14
508 Steppa Uptown Springdale, Stage 14
509 Rhyth Uptown Springdale, Stage 14
510 Happierre Blossom Heights, Stage 38
511 Mama Aura Crank-a-kai
512 Auntie Heart Excellent Tower, Stage 157 (rare)
513 Elder Bloom Medallium Seal 4
514 Tongus Mt. Wildwood, Stage 17
515 Pallysol Uptown Springdale, Stage 13
516 Gnomey Mt. Wildwood, Stage 18
517 Ray O'Light Blossom Heights, Hidden Stage 3
518 Nurse Tongus Fusion: Tongus + Shmoopie
519 High Gnomey Evolve Gnomey (#516) at Lv. 32


ID# Yo-kai Acquired by
601 Payn Sewer A, Stage 1.7
602 Agon Blossom Heights, Stage 49 (rare)
603 Negatibuzz Uptown Springdale, Stage 5
604 Dimmy Downtown Springdale, Stage 73
605 Blandon Evolve Dimmy (#604) at Lv. 24
606 Nul Shopper's Row, Stage 96 (rare)
607 Hidabat Mt. Wildwood, Stage 22
608 Tengloom Downtown Springdale, Stage 71
609 Nird Shopper's Row, Hidden Stage 8
610 Suspicioni Downtown Springdale, Stage 75
611 Tantroni Blossom Heights, Stage 48
612 Contrarioni Breezy Hills, Stage 128
613 Timidevil Yo-kai World, Hidden Stage 16
614 Beelzebold Fusion: Timidevil + Shard of Evil
615 Count Cavity Mission: Obtain 500 Stars
616 K'mon-K'mon Uptown Springdale, Stage 11 (rare)
617 Dracunyan Event (April 2016)
618 Mynimo Medal Points Battle, Crank-a-kai


ID# Yo-kai Acquired by
701 Buhu Uptown Springdale, Stage 5
702 Flumpy Downtown Springdale, Stage 64
703 Skreek Crank-a-kai
704 Manjimutt Mt. Wildwood, Stage 30
705 Multimutt Evolve Manjimutt (#704) at Lv. 22
706 Sir Berus Crank-a-kai
707 Peckpocket Uptown Springdale, Stage 7
708 Rockabelly Blossom Heights, Stage 36
709 Chatalie Downtown Springdale, Stage 84
710 Nagatha Breezy Hills, Stage 114
711 Grumples Blossom Heights, Hidden Stage 4
712 Everfore Fusion: Grumples + Ageless Powder
713 Eterna Crank-a-kai
714 Cheeksqueek Blossom Heights, Stage 45
715 Cuttincheez Crank-a-kai
716 Insomni Mission: Complete Stage 70 in 70s
717 Sandi Crank-a-kai
718 Dismarelda Blossom Heights, Stage 38
719 Dandoodle Medallium Seal 3
720 Nosirs Blossom Heights, Stage 44
721 Papa Windbag Shopper's Row, Stage 100


ID# Yo-kai Acquired by
801 Heheheel Mt. Wildwood, Stage 21
802 Croonger Blossom Heights, Stage 41
803 Urnaconda Blossom Heights, Stage 52
804 Noko Random rare stage encounter
805 Pandanoko Black III IAP perk
806 Bloominoko Evolve Noko (#804) at Lv.38
807 Draggie Mt. Wildwood, Stage 23
808 Rageon Sewer B, 2.8
809 Tunatic Breezy Hills, Stage 131 (rare)
810 Spenp Uptown Springdale, Stage 12
811 Almi Breezy Hills, Hidden Stage 10
812 Babblong Downtown Springdale, Stage 78
813 Bananose Shopper's Row, Hidden Stage 8
814 Copperled Excellent Tower, Stage 138
815 Slitheref Yo-kai World, Hidden Stage 18
816 Cynake Downtown Springdale, Hidden Stage 5
817 Venoct Crank-a-kai
818 Shadow Venoct Hooligan Road, Stage 8.10
819 Flushback Blossom Heights, Stage 40
820 Lady Longnek Blossom Heights, Stage 54

Rare Yo-kai

See also: Rare Yo-kai (Wibble Wobble)
Yo-kai Map Level(s) Favorite Food
K’mon K'mon Uptown Springdale 11 Curry
Whapir Mt. Wildwood 23 33 Juice
Agon Blossom Heights 49 52 Cheap Sweets
Lava Lord Downtown Springdale 67 82 Sushi
Nul Shopper's Row 96 109 Rice Balls
Tunatic Breezy Hills 131 133 Meat
Auntie Heart Excellent Tower 157 Vegetables
Statiking Yo-kai World 179 Oden
  • All of the Yo-Kai listed above have about a 5% encounter rate on their respective stages.

Medallium Seals

Wibble Wobble Medallium Seals


See also: Stages

Main Stages

See also: Main Stages

Uptown Springdale

See also: Uptown Springdale (Wibble Wobble)
Yo-kai 1
Yo-kai 2
Rare Item Notes
1 Pandle
2 Dulluma
3 Dummkap Wazzat
4 Jibanyan
5 Buhu Negatibuzz
6 Shmoopie
7 Peckpocket Peckpocket Peckpocket
8 Hungramps
9 Noway Noway
10 Walkappa Lie-in
11 Cadin K'mon K'mon K'mon K'mon's Favorite Food: Curry
12 Spenp
13 Pallysol Pallysol
14 Wiglin Steppa Rhyth
Stage 1
Komasan Komajiro Beat Stage 9 w/ Jibanyan

Mt. Wildwood

See also: Mt. Wildwood (Wibble Wobble)

Donate 100 Y Money daily at the shrine for increased catch rate for the day!

Yo-kai 1
Yo-kai 2
Rare Item Notes
16 Sergeant Burly
17 Tongus Tongus
18 Gnomey
19 Mirapo
20 Noway Walkappa Walkappa
21 Heheheel
22 Hidabat Hidabat Hidabat
23 Draggie Whapir Ageless Powder Whapir's Favorite Food: Juice
24 Wazzat Dummkap Peckpocket
25 Enerfly Enerfly
26 Tublappa Buhu Tublappa
27 Lie-in Minochi Minochi
28 Dulluma Gnomey Dulluma
29 Wotchagot Wotchagot Wotchagot
30 Manjimutt
31 Baku
32 Skranny
33 Negatibuzz Hungramps Whapir Ageless Powder
34 Heheheel Enerfly Enerfly
SV Snaggerjag
Stage 2
Quaken Blazion Blazion Get a combo of 3+ on Stage 32

Blossom Heights

See also: Blossom Heights (Wibble Wobble)
Yo-kai 1
Yo-kai 2
Rare Item Notes
36 Rockabelly Peckpocket Peckpocket
37 Tattletell Tattletell
38 Happierre Dismarelda
39 Roughraff Roughraff Roughraff
40 Flushback
41 Croonger Croonger
42 Slicenrice Slicenrice
43 Dismarelda Dulluma
44 Nosirs
45 Cheeksqueek Cheeksqueek
46 Cadin Cadin Cadin
47 Touphant Fidgephant
48 Tantroni
49 Boyclops Boyclops Agon Agon's Favorite Food: Candy
50 Lie-in Lie-in Lie-in
51 Walkappa Tongus Tongus
52 Croonger Urnaconda Heheheel Agon
53 Happierre Happierre
54 Lady Longnek Rockabelly Rockabelly
55 Mochismo Negatibuzz Negatibuzz
56 Slicenrice Lie-in
57 Minochi Wotchagot Minochi
58 Elloo
59 Gnomey Fidgephant Gnomey
Stage 3
Ray O'Light Ray O'Light Ray O'Light Stage 51: Pop less than 100 Wib Wobs
Stage 4
Grumples Tattletell Tattletell Beat Stage 55 3 times

Downtown Springdale

See also: Downtown Springdale (Wibble Wobble)
Yo-kai 1
Yo-kai 2
Rare Item Notes
61 Rockabelly Rockabelly Rockabelly
62 Urnaconda Dulluma Dulluma
63 Swelton
64 Flumpy Buhu Buhu
65 Illoo Elloo
66 Minochi Mochismo Minochi
67 Shmoopie Shmoopie Shmoopie Lava Lord Lava Lord's Favorite Food: Sushi
68 Enefly Enerfly Enefly
69 Boyclops Boyclops
70 Signibble Gnomey Gnomey
71 Tengloom
72 Baku Baku Baku
73 Fidgephant Boyclops Dimmy
74 Mad Mountain
75 Suspicioni
76 Touphant Cheeksqueek Touphant
77 Rhyth Wiglin Steppa
78 Babblong Croonger Croonger
79 Hungramps Gnomey Hungramps
80 Elloo Elloo
81 Slicenrice Flushback Slicenrice
82 Tantroni Tantroni Lava Lord
83 Mochismo Pandle Pandle
84 Chatalie Chatalie
Massiface Good Y-Money Farm with Komashura in Fever Mode, with both eyes open
Stage 5
Cynake Stage 62: Finish with a Soultimate move
Good Yo-Kai to try and find evolution items with.
Stage 6
Grainpa Hungramps Hungramps Stage 81: Get a Wib Wob to size 15 or bigger

Shopper's Row

See also: Shopper's Row (Wibble Wobble)
Yo-kai 1
Yo-kai 2
Rare Item Notes
86 Tublappa Babblong
87 Wotchagot Wotchagot Wotchagot
88 Flushback Walkappa Walkappa
89 Shmoopie Tongus Noway
90 Cheeksqueek Illoo
91 Enefly Touphant Enefly
92 Tattletell Tattletell
93 Elloo Elloo Elloo
94 Mad Mountain Mad Mountain
95 Urnaconda Croonger
96 Skranny Tattletell Tattletell Nul Nul's Favorite Food: Rice Ball
97 Suspicioni Tantroni Suspicioni
98 Happierre Negatibuzz Dismarelda
99 Chatalie Boyclops
100 Papa Windbag
101 Spenp Spenp Spenp
102 Flumpy Lie-In Lie-In
103 Illoo Illoo Illoo
104 Cheeksqueek Flumpy
105 Tantroni Touphant Heheheel
106 Enerfly Gnomey Gnomey
107 Fidgephant Touphant
108 Goruma
109 Mirapo Noway Noway Nul
Dr. Maddiman Good Y-money and XP farming with proper healer Yo-kai on team
Stage 7
Nird Stage 90: Create 6 or more Bonus Balls
Stage 8
Bananose Stage 100: Link 20 or more Wib Wobs

Breezy Hills

See also: Breezy Hills (Wibble Wobble)
Yo-kai 1
Yo-kai 2
Rare Item Notes
111 Wazzat Wazzat Walkappa
112 Spenp Spenp Spenp
113 Dimmy Rockabelly Tattletell
114 Lady Longnek Nagatha
115 Tengloom Flumpy Flumpy
116 Shmoopie Tattletell Boyclops
117 Dismarelda Dismarelda Dismarelda
118 Illoo Elloo Illoo
119 Rhinoggin
120 Mad Mountain Mad Mountain
121 Mochismo Minochi Mochismo
122 Babblong Urnaconda Urnaconda
123 Skranny Pallysol Chatalie
124 Roughraff Negatibuzz Rockabelly
125 Enefly Happierre Happierre
126 Nagatha Gnomey Gnomey
127 Cheeksqueek Tublappa Slicenrice
128 Contrarioni
129 Flushback Heheheel Croonger
130 Happierre Rockabelly Happierre
131 Lady Longneck Illoo Elloo Tunatic Tunatic's Favorite Food: Meat
132 Tattletell Skranny Tattletell
133 Boyclops Boyclops Boyclops Tunatic
134 Flumpy Mad Mountain
Stage 9
Espy Stage 111: Score 12,000 points or more
Stage 10
Almi Spenp Spenp Stage 118: Enter Fever Time 3 times or more
Stage 11
Master Oden Stage 123: Finish within 90 seconds
Hidden Stage 12 Casanono GHz Orb Stage 130: Get a combo of 15 or more

Excellent Tower

See also: Excellent Tower (Wibble Wobble)
Yo-kai 1
Yo-kai 2
Rare Item Notes
136 Happierre Blazion
137 Illoo Nagatha Illoo
138 Copperled
139 Tengloom Walkappa Dimmy
140 Swelton Tantroni Suspicioni
141 Babblong Touphant Touphant
142 Signibble Pandle Pandle
143 Beetler Mad Mountain
144 Mirapo Mirapo Mirapo
145 Rhinoggin Slicenrice
146 Nagatha Chatalie Chatalie
147 Flumpy Flumpy Flumpy
148 Croonger Happierre
149 Fidgephant Gnomey
150 Alloo Illoo Illoo
151 Goruma Mochismo Mochismo
152 Shmoopie Croonger
153 Copperled Skranny
154 Flushback Flushback Enerfly
155 Steppa Rhyth Wiglin
156 Beetler Beetler
157 Urnaconda Urnaconda Cynake Auntie Heart Glacial Clip Auntie Heart's Favorite Food: Vegetables
158 Alloo Alloo Alloo
159 Lady Longnek Cheeksqueek Tengloom
Stage 13
Robonyan Stage 158: Finish using Jibanyan(D)'s Soultimate Move Paws of Fury

Yo-kai World

See also: Yo-kai World (Wibble Wobble)
Yo-kai 1
Yo-kai 2
Rare Item Notes
161 Copperled Copperled
162 Contrarioni Tantroni Suspicioni
163 Swelton Swelton
164 Roughraff Mirapo Negatibuzz
165 Tengloom Tengloom Tengloom
166 Touphant Spenp Spenp
167 Tongus Walkappa Shmoopie
168 Goruma Goruma Goruma
169 Mirapo Cheeksqueek Lady Longnek
170 Skranny Baku Skranny
171 Blazion Blazion Blazion
172 Contrarioni Alloo
173 Lady Longnek Nagatha Lady Longnek
174 Rhinoggin Rhinoggin Rhinoggin
175 Flumpy Spenp Rockabelly
176 Alloo Elloo Elloo
177 Cynake Gnomey Cynake
178 Enefly Enefly Enefly
179 Signibble Tengloom Signibble Statiking GHz Orb Statiking's Favorite Food: Oden
180 Copperled Copperled Copperled
181 Rhinoggin Lady Longnek Lady Longnek
182 Contrarioni Contrarioni Contrarioni
Stage 14
Bruff Stage 169: Get a Wib Wob to size 25 or higher
Stage 15
Slitheref Copperled Cynake Stage 174: Create 10 or more Bonus Balls
Stage 16
Timidevil Timidevil Timidevil Stage 182: Score 15,000 points or more
Required to reach level boss
Stage 17
Siro Hidden Stage 16: Get a combo of 20 or more
Required to reach level boss
Stage 18
Bruff Siro Slitheref McKracken Boss: Use a Soultimate Move to finish
Stage 19
Frostail Hidden Stage 18: Defeat this stage 10 times

Sewer Stages

See also: Sewer Stages

Sewer A

See also: Sewer A

Defeat Stage 15 Boss in under 250s

Yo-kai 1
Yo-kai 2
Rare Item Notes
1.1 Pallysol Dummkap Pallysol
1.2 Fidgephant Hungramps
1.3 Dimmy
1.4 Tattletell Walkappa Tattletell
1.5 Heheheel
1.6 Gnomey Pandle
1.7 Payn General's Soul

Sewer B

See also: Sewer B

Defeat Stage 35 Boss in under 260s

Yo-kai 1
Yo-kai 2
Rare Item Notes
2.1 Buhu Buhu Buhu
2.2 Mochismo Mochismo
2.3 Tongus Baku Tongus
2.4 Tublappa Rockabelly Tublappa
2.5 Skranny Skranny
2.6 Croonger
2.7 Dismarelda Dismarelda
2.8 Rageon

Sewer C

See also: Sewer C

Defeat Stage 60 Boss in under 270s

Yo-kai 1
Yo-kai 2
Rare Item Notes
3.1 Boyclops Lady Longnek
3.2 Tantroni
3.3 Minochi Minochi Minochi
3.4 Urnaconda
3.5 Elloo Enerfly
3.6 Cynake
3.7 Spenp Spenp Spenp
3.8 Tanbo Pandle Pandle

Sewer D

See also: Sewer D
Yo-kai 1
Yo-kai 2
Rare Item Notes
4.1 Mirapo Mirapo
4.2 Flumpy Heheheel Croonger
4.3 Illoo Skranny Illoo
4.4 Walkappa Fidgephant Gnomey
4.5 Babblong Tantroni
4.6 Cheeksqueek Cheeksqueek
4.7 Tengloom Elloo Elloo
4.8 Cynake Tublappa Tublappa
4.9 Infour

Sewer E

See also: Sewer E
Yo-kai 1
Yo-kai 2
Rare Item Notes
5.1 Skranny Touphant
5.2 Happierre Slicenrice Happierre
5.3 Flumpy Illoo Flumpy
5.4 Swelton Cheeksqueek Cheeksqueek
5.5 Nagatha Croonger
5.6 Shmoopie Enefly Shmoopie
5.7 Suspicioni Suspicioni Suspicioni
5.8 Goruma Goruma
5.9 Frostina Fuse with the Glacial Clip item (stage 157 or silver II IAP) to get Rank S Blizzaria

Sewer F

See also: Sewer F
Yo-kai 1
Yo-kai 2
Rare Item Notes
6.1 Flushback Heheheel Heheheel
6.2 Tengloom Rockabelly Tengloom
6.3 Boyclops Boyclops
6.4 Illoo Illoo Illoo
6.5 Enefly Happierre
6.6 Lady Longnek Nagatha
6.7 Urnaconda Cynake Urnaconda
6.8 Contrarioni Tantroni Contrarioni
6.9 Rhinoggin Rhinoggin
6.10 Zerberker Shard of Evil

Excellent Observation Deck

See also: Excellent Observation Deck
Yo-kai 1
Yo-kai 2
Rare Item Notes
7.1 Enerfly Enefly
7.2 Mirapo Flumpy Flumpy
7.3 Schmoopie Cheeksqueek Spenp
7.4 Babblong Babblong Babblong
7.5 Mad Mountain Lady Longnek Nagatha
7.6 Beetler Mochismo Minochi
7.7 Rhinoggin Suspicioni Contrarioni
7.8 Alloo Illoo Elloo
7.9 Goruma Goruma
7.10 Chilhuahua

Hooligan Road

See also: Hooligan Road

Defeat Stage 183 Boss in under 350s

Yo-kai 1
Yo-kai 2
Rare Item Notes
8.1 Tengloom Nagatha Lady Longnek
8.2 Beetler Swelton
8.3 Copperled Cynake Copperled
8.4 Rhinoggin Suspicioni Suspicioni
8.5 Beetler Beetler Beetler
8.6 Signibble Dismarelda Happierre
8.7 Timidevil Skranny Tattletell
8.8 Bruff Swelton Tantroni
8.9 Siro Blazion Blazion
8.10 Shadow Venoct Mega Exporb/Tier 4 Sushi

Infinite Inferno Stages

See also: Infinite Inferno Stages

First Circle

See also: First Circle
Yo-kai 1
Yo-kai 2
Rare Item Notes
9-1 Dimmy Dimmy
9-2 Wazzat Dummkapp Walkappa
9-3 Gnomey Gnomey Gnomey
9-4 Hungramps Spenp
9-5 Roughraff Cadin Wotchagot
9-6 Negatibuzz Tublappa Boyclops
9-7 Rockabelly Lie-in Rockabelly
9-8 Wiglin Steppa Rhyth
9-9 Pallysol Pallysol Pallysol
9-10 Heheheel
9-11 Pandle Peckpocket Flumpy
9-12 Shmoopie Tattletell Noway

Second Circle

See also: Second Circle
Yo-kai 1
Yo-kai 2
Rare Item Notes
10-14 Fidgephant Dulluma
10-15 Manjimutt Hungramps
10-16 Baku Tongus Baku
10-17 Dummkapp Wotchagot Peckpocket
10-18 Enerfly Mochismo Enerfly
10-19 Skranny Mirapo
10-20 Rockabelly Rockabelly Rockabelly
10-21 Chatalie Dismarelda Chatalie
10-22 Boyclops Blazion Gnomey
10-23 Draggie Suspicioni Tantroni
10-24 Croonger Heheheel Croonger
10-25 Walkappa Baku Mochismo

Terror Time

See also: Terror Time (Wibble Wobble)

Terror Time

Stage # Yo-kai Rare Yo-kai Notes
1 Fidgephant Roughraff Fidgephant
2 Suspicioni
3 Peckpocket Rockabelly Negatibuzz
4 Dimmy Dimmy
5 Noway Dulluma Pandle
6 Tattletell Wazzat Dummkap
7 Pallysol Pallysol Pallysol
8 Watchagot Mochismo
9 Boyclops Tantroni Boyclops
10 Lie-in Buhu Rockabelly
11 Melonyan
12 Fidgephant Touphant Fidgephant K'mon K'mon
13 Signibble Draggie
14 Tublappa Babblong Tublappa
15 Orcanos
Stage 1
Roughraff Baddinyan Roughraff Score 135,000+ in Event

Super Terror Time

Stage # Yo-kai Rare Yo-kai Notes
16 Pandle Minochi Mochismo
17 Dulluma Buhu Wotchagot
18 Dismarelda Negatibuzz Dismarelda
19 Suspicioni Tantroni
20 Elloo Mochismo Elloo
21 Boyclops Dimmy Tattletell
22 Signibble Fidgephant Touphant
23 Rockabelly Illoo Rockabelly
24 Grapenyan
25 Tantroni Swelton Tantroni
26 Tengloom Tublappa Draggie
27 Rhinoggin Illoo Elloo Agon
28 Blazion Blazion Agon
29 Contrarioni Lady Longnek Babblong
30 Orcanos
Stage 2
Mirapo Mircle Mirapo Create 11+ Bonus Balls in Event Stage

Ultra Terror Time

Stage # Yo-kai Rare Yo-kai Notes
31 Tantroni Supsicioni Tantroni
32 Draggie Tublappa Cheeksqueek
33 Lady Longnek Signibble Minochi
34 Elloo Elloo Elloo
35 Mochismo Mad Mountain Mochismo Tunatic
36 Flumpy Skranny Tattletell
37 Cheeksqueek Babblong Tengloom
38 Swelton Contrarioni Swelton
39 Happierre Dismarelda
40 Illoo Alloo Illoo
41 Timidevil Flumpy Cheeksqueek
42 Bruff Swelton Contrarioni
43 Quaken Quaken Quaken
44 Strawbnyan
45 Orcanos
Stage 3
Goldenyan Finish Event Stage 44 with Iron Nightmare

Hidden Stages

Hidden Stage Hidden Yo-kai How to Unlock Additional Information
1 Komasan Stage 9: Clear this stage with Jibanyan
2 Quaken Stage 32: Get a combo of 3 or more
3 Ray O'Light Stage 51: Pop 100 Wib Wobs or less Pop large Wib Wobs
4 Grumples Stage 55: Clear this 3 times
5 Cynake Stage 62: Finish level with a Soultimate Move Make sure you don't use your Soultimate Moves during Fever Time or the objective won't clear.
6 Grainpa Stage 81: Get a Wib Wob to size 15 or bigger Pick 1 type of Yo-kai and do not pop that type until you've got 15.
7 Nird Stage 90: Create 6 or more bonus balls Try going in with a Yo-kai that can enlarge Wib Wobs or abstain from popping a Wib Wob until it's size 11 or greater.
8 Bananose Stage 100: Link 20 or more Wib Wobs Like Hidden Stage 5, Pick 1 type of Yo-kai and do not pop that type until you have 20 or more of them.
9 Espy Stage 111: Score 12,000 points or more
10 Almi Stage 118: Enter Fever Time 3 times or more Head into this stage with some healing or stunning Yo-kais to extend the time you have. Remember that you earn more Fever Time energy for creating bigger Wib Wobs
11 Master Oden Stage 123: Finish stage within 90 seconds Activate as many Soultimates as you can during Fever Time!
12 Casanono Stage 130: Get a combo of 15 or more This actually isn't that hard. Just make quick size 2 or size 3 Wib Wobs one at a time and so long as you do it within 3 seconds, you'll get a 15 combo easily.
13 Robonyan Stage 158: Finish level using Jibanyan's Soultimate Move Paws of Fury
14 Bruff Stage 169: Get a Wib Wob to size 25 or higher Use the same technique as before but on a larger scale, Pick 1 type of Yo-kai and do not pop that type until you have 25 or more of them.
15 Slitheref Stage 174: Create 10 or more bonus balls You may need to spend Y-Money for another life to get this done. Again, try to get size 11 Wib Wobs; they almost always drop a bonus ball.
16 Timidevil Stage 182: Score 15,000 points or more
17 Siro Hidden Stage 16: Get a combo of 20 or more Again, form and pop size 2 or size 3 Wib Wobs 20 times and you can clear this easy.
18 Bruff McKracken Boss: Use a Soultimate Move to defeat it
19 Frostail Hidden Stage 18: Defeat this stage 10 times

Sewers and Other Areas

Area How to Unlock Additional Information
Sewer A Beat Slimamander within 200 seconds
Sewer B Beat SV Snaggerjag within 210 seconds
Sewer C Beat Sproink within 220 seconds
Sewer D Beat Massiface within 230 seconds
Sewer E Beat Dr. Maddiman within 240 seconds
Sewer F Beat Phantasmurai within 250 seconds
Excellent Observation Deck Beat Eyeclone within 300 seconds
Hooligan Road Beat McKraken within 350 seconds


Terror Time (Wibble Wobble)

Dracunyan Event

During the event, players can unlock Dracunyan by clearing Stage 50 with all Rank E Yo-kai. Players can acquire additional Dracunyan (level up his Soultimate) by defeating Stage 75 (Suspicioni) with all Rank D Yo-kai and Stage 100 (Papa Wingbag) with all Rank C Yo-kai.


  • Wibble Wobble is known as Puni Puni in Japan.