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Tribe Rank Attribute
Eerie icon.png Yokai Rank E icon.png Fire
Yokai Watch 1 Yokai Watch 2
169 259
General Information
Japanese Name じんめん犬, Jinmenken
French Name Corniot
Italian Name
Time Present
Fusion Manjimutt + Manjimutt = Multimutt
Favorite Food Chinese Food
Acquired by
HP Spirit Strength Speed Defense
1100 740 820 620 800
Rank D icon.png Rank E icon.png Rank D icon.png Rank E icon.png Rank E icon.png
Attack Chomp
Technique Fire
Inspirit Confusion
Soultimate Move Creepy Superbite
Skill Mutt's Paradise
Anime Episode 3
Game Yo-kai Watch 1
Voice Actor
English Pierre Holloway
Japanese Naoki Bando

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Wibble Wobble Information
HP high/mid/low??
Attack high/mid/low??
Favorite Food Curry
Found Stage 30
Soultimate Effect Pops random Wib Wobs

Manjimutt is a Rank E Eerie Yo-kai with Fire attribute.

Official Description

A man-faced poodle who enjoys scaring people frightened by a poodle with a man's face. Hopes to one day be a CEO.

Yo-kai Watch 1 Game Information

How to Recruit/Befriend

  • Secret Byway and Infinite Inferno in Yo-Kai Watch (video game).
  • Blossom Heights - Tucked Away Lot - trash.



Fuse Manjimutt and Manjimutt to obtain Multimutt.


Stat Level 99
HP ??
Spirit ??
Strength ??
Speed ??
Defense ??


Type Name Power Attribute Range Description
Attack Chomp 45-99 Single enemy No description.
Technique Fire 50-110 Fire Single enemy No description.
Inspirit Confusion Single Enemy Startles foe into attacking their own allies.
Soultimate Move Creepy Superbite 18x5 All enemies Bites all of his enemies in a frenzy. Pretty creepy, actually...
Skill Mutt's Paradise Stat boost for adjacent Yo-kai with same skill.

Yo-kai Watch 2 Game Information

Buster stats


Wibble Wobble

In Wibble Wobble, Manjimutt is found in Stage 30. Its favorite food is Curry. The effect of its Soultimate Move is Pops random Wib Wobs


Manjimutt is a dog with a human face. He has chocolate brown fur, tan skin, a green ghost-like swirl atop his head and another as a tail, and small poodle paws with pink paw pads. He wears thick, black rimmed glasses. He has a dull red stripe on his face and his left eye is partially shut.


In the anime, Manjimutt is shown to lament his afterlife, due to the fact that he is still treated as a normal human and not as a normal dog like he expected. Initially, he has a fair grade of low self-esteem due to being fired from his work when he was alive and resorts to spending his afterlife in the street bar which he considers his new home. This is quickly dispelled when Nate summons him to confront Roughraff and tells him that he is one of the few adults he can trust in dire moments. Manjimutt is a hard-working individual, as shown by him trying out many new jobs. He's taken on various professions such as a photographer, a pottery-sculptor, a patisserie apprentice, a hair dresser, and so on. He is, unfortunately, a bit of a pervert and has difficulty restraining his lust for women. This fault tends to get him fired and placed under arrest quite often. Due to his canine aspect he urinates on electric poles and other public places, which also gets him arrested. He has attempted to break out of prison multiple times and has been inadvertently broken out by Nate upon summoning him, which gets him even further into trouble. He attempts to ward police off by telling them he's a dog, which never succeeds.



Manjimutt used to be a human man. He died the day he was fired from his work as a local salary man due to budget cuts. He went out to drink to drown his sorrows. While he was drunk, he accidentally bumped into a pile of wood planks. A brown toy poodle came over to him and barked, not noticing the falling planks. The heavy planks fell on both him and the poor poodle, merging the two together into a Manjimutt spirit.

Manjimutt attempted to get a new job, but a myriad of incidents resulted in him being arrested several times and eventually sent to Alcatraz.


Although in the anime he can be seen by people without a Yokai Watch, he must be scanned by the watch light in order to be seen in the first game.

Manjimutt's recurring phrase is "Chikusho!" (チクショー!) which would essentially equate to "Goddammit!" or something of the sort. In the English version he does not have this recurring phrase due to the original Japanese line not being appropriate for children when translated to English.


Manjimutt/Jinmenken is based on the famous Japanese urban legend of the "Human-faced Dog".

Name Origin

  • Jinmenken (人面犬) literally means "Human-faced Dog".
  • "Manjimutt" is a portmanteau of the words man and mutt, a scruffy-looking dog. It is also a play on the words mangy mutt.
  • Japanese: じんめん犬 Jinmenken
  • Korean: 인면견 Inmyeongyeon