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Tribe Rank Attribute
Tough icon.png Yokai Rank E icon.png Earth
Yokai Watch 1 Yokai Watch 2
060 092
General Information
Japanese Name ムリカベ, Murikabe
French Name Nanpart
Italian Name Nono-no
Time Present
Evolution Impass
Favorite Food Ramen
Acquired by
HP Spirit Strength Speed Defense
960 460 880 560 1100
Rank E icon.png Rank E icon.png Rank D icon.png Rank E icon.png Rank C icon.png
Attack Body Bash
Technique Pebble
Inspirit Refusal
Soultimate Move No Way Through
Skill Blocker
Anime Episode 11
Game Yo-kai Watch 1
Voice Actor
Japanese Toru Nara

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Wibble Wobble Information
HP high/mid/low??
Attack high/mid/low??
Favorite Food Ramen
Found Stage 9
Soultimate Effect Resistance boosting.

Noway is a Rank E Tough Yo-kai with Earth attribute.

Official Description

He rejects everything with a "no way!" Becoming a brain-surgeon astronaut is easier than getting past him.

Yo-kai Watch 1 Game Information

How to Recruit/Befriend

  • Uptown Springdale in the grass and bushes.


Noway evolves into Impass at level 29.



Stat Level 99
HP ??
Spirit ??
Strength ??
Speed ??
Defense ??


Type Name Power Attribute Range Description
Attack Body Bash 15 Single enemy No description.
Technique Pebble 20 Earth Single enemy No description.
Inspirit Refusal Single enemy Uses the power of "No Way!" to make a foe refuse to fight.
Soultimate Move No Way Through Self DEF up and draws enemy attacks.
Skill Blocker Will be guarding when moving to the front.

Yo-kai Watch 2 Game Information

Buster stats


Wibble Wobble

In Wibble Wobble, Noway is found in Stage 9. Its favorite food is Ramen. The effect of its Soultimate Move is Resistance boosting.


Noway resembles a cream-colored Wall with a blue-colored roof and a diamond-patterned base. He has yellowish-colored arms and legs, diminutive eyes and a odd-shaped mouth, both with orange lining. He wears sandals.


He usually speaks by saying "no way". He does not do something unless being told to not do so, in which he does it -using reverse psychology-.



In the anime, Noway possessed Nate and made him say "No Way" with him still having full realization of his mouth to a barbeque party planned by Kaite. Once Nate goes to the school roof, he starts searching for Noway, and eventually uncovers the Yo-Kai close to the roof access door despite Whisper's skepticism.

When asked to check up on what Yo-Kai they were facing, Noway struck with his abilities, making Whisper unable to do so, though Nate pops Whisper's head open to get at Whisper's pad. With Whisper still possessed, Nate summons Tattletell because she only says "Tell" and his line of thinking was that she should be immune to Noway's abilities because of her limited speech; alas, she was not. Undeterred, Nate summons Blazion, with his line of thinking being that Blazion would be too motivated to be swayed; alas he was, though he did put up a good fight in the end when he got the receiving end of an additional "No Way" clap.

Bummed out at Blazion's loss to Noway, Nate asked for help from Whisper, but loses his cool when the still-possessed butler kept saying no. It was only when Nate said "don't help me" did Whisper go into action and started giving Noway a piece of his mind. Once he realized exactly what was going on with Whisper, Nate summoned Jibanyan to soften Noway up by using reverse psychology when he got possessed by Noway, then trapped Noway in place by having him say "No way!" himself, who now cannot say it, then obtained Noway's medal by asking him to not be his friend. 



Noway is based on the nurikabe (Japanese: 塗壁, nurikabe lit. "plastered wall"), a wall-shaped youkai that renders itself invisible and impedes travelers on the road by blocking it with its tall, wide body. Going around it or trying to push it down is useless, as he's immovable and can extend his body as much as he wants. The only way to make it disappear it to tap the ground at his feet with one's walking stick.

"Nurikabe" is also the name of a logic puzzle where the player has to figure out the number of white spaces in a grid by using the numbers written on it, and darken the "invisible walls" around them with a pencil.

Name Origin

  • "Noway" is a contraction of the phrase no way!
  • "Murikabe" is a pun/portmanteau of muri (無理, "impossible", or "no way!"/"can't do it!" when used as an exclamation), and nurikabe.
  • Japanese: ムリカベ Murikabe
  • Korean: 무리담 Muridam
  • French: Nanpart
  • Spanish: Nihablar</big>