Yo-Motion Series 2 Medals Mystery Pack

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Yo-Motion Series 2 Medals Mystery Pack
Type Medals Blind Bags
Series Yo-Motion Series 2
Price $3.99
Release date 2017
Medal(s) 30 Medals
Maker Hasbro
Yo-Motion Series 2 Medals Mystery Pack is a Medals Blind Bag Toy released in 2017 for 3.99 USD. It features 33 different Yo-kai Medals. Each bag contains 2 random medals from the 33 possible ones.



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Apelican Medal1 in 24??Apelican
Ben Tover Medal1 in 24??Ben Tover
Cricky Medal1 in 24??Cricky
Dracunyan Medal3 in 24??Dracunyan
Enefly Medal2 in 24??Enefly
Enerfly Medal (Yo-Motion Series 1)2 in 24??Enerfly
Faysoff Medal1 in 24??Faysoff
Frazzel Medal2 in 24??Frazzel
Grubsnitch Medal (Yo-Motion Series 1)1 in 24??Grubsnitch
Houzzat Medal2 in 24??Houzzat
Illoo Medal (Yo-Motion Series 1)1 in 24??Illoo
Irewig Medal2 in 24??Irewig
Kingmera Medal1 in 24??Kingmera
Kirin Medal2 in 24??Kirin
Komajiro Medal (Yo-Motion Series 1)1 in 24??Komajiro
Komasan Medal (Yo-Motion Series 1)1 in 24??Komasan
Mermother Medal1 in 24??Mermother
Mistank Medal2 in 24??Mistank
Nekidspeed Medal1 in 24??Nekidspeed
No-Go Kart Medal1 in 24??No-Go Kart
Papa Windbag Medal2 in 24??Papa Windbag
Pittapatt Medal1 in 24??Pittapatt
Poofessor Medal1 in 24??Poofessor
Robokoma Medal1 in 24??Robokoma
Robonyan F Medal1 in 24??Robonyan F
SV Snaggerjag Medal2 in 24??SV Snaggerjag
Snaggly Medal1 in 24??Snaggly
So-Sorree Medal1 in 24??So-Sorree
Supoor Hero Medal2 in 24??Supoor Hero
Terrorpotta Medal1 in 24??Terrorpotta
Thornyan Medal (Yo-Motion Series 1)2 in 24??Thornyan
Verygoodsir Medal2 in 24??Verygoodsir
Yoodooit Medal1 in 24??Yoodooit