Yo-kai Watch Episode 37

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Yo-kai Watch Episode 37
Season 2
Number 37
English titles Part 1: Fitno-Failure, Part 2: Springdale Five-Yo: The Finale, Part 3: Gourmet School Lunch: Preview
Japanese titles "Undōkai wa Yōkai ga Ippai!" (運動会は妖怪がいっぱい!), "Taiyō ni Hoeru zura! Saishū-Wa "Junshoku"" (太陽にほえるズラ! 最終話「殉職」), "Kyūshoku no Gurume Yokoku" (給食のグルメ 予告)
Original air date September 26, 2014
English air date August 27, 2016
Channel Disney XD
Previous Yo-kai Watch Episode 36
Next Yo-kai Watch Episode 38
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Yo-kai Watch Episode 37 is an episode of Yo-kai Watch Anime. It consists of "Part 1: Fitno-Failure", "Part 2: Springdale Five-Yo: The Finale" and "Part 3: Gourmet School Lunch: Preview" stories.

Part 1: Fitno-Failure

Nate is on his way to an athletic meet at school; he mentions it to Whisper, who excitedly points out that because there will be lots of people at the meet, there will be tons of Yo-kai having fun too! Whisper also notes that the Yo-kai tend to influence the outcomes of the various events in athletic meets which means that Nate has to watch out for Yo-kai interference!

Once the athletic meet is underway, Nate gives himself a pep talk for motivation. He’s aware that performance in the athletic meet can determine how you’re treated in school; not only that, but because all the parents are in attendance with cameras, any mistakes will be forever caught on video.

The first event is tug-of- war and Katie is on Nate’s team so he’s determined to impress her. However, the opposing team has a bunch of hotheaded Yo-kai like Blazion, Sgt. Burly, and Roughraff helping them out. To make matter’s worse, all of Nate’s team members are inspirited by pessimistic Yo-kai like Negatibuzz, Tengloom, and Dismarelda. This gives the other team an overwhelming advantage, and Nate’s team loses the first event, to his dismay.

Next up is the “borrowing competition” in which the competitors have to pick up a piece of paper which has the name of an object written on it, and find that object as fast as possible. Once again, all the girls are watching, so Nate’s got to impress them. Nate picks up his paper, which instructs him to get a girl from his class—of course he picks Katie. But when he asks Katie to come with him, she responds in a very familiar way… she’s inspirited by Noway and isn’t going anywhere!

Having had his hopes dashed in yet another event, next up is the ball rolling event. Nate’s teamed up with Bear and Eddie, and the three of them have to work together to roll a ball down the track. However, before anyone can even start pushing the balls, they start moving on their own! The Yo- kai Watch reveals Jibanyan, Bushinyan, and Robonyan all wreaking havoc on the balls. Another event ruined!

With just one event left, this is Nate’s last chance to look cool in front of everyone. This time the event is the 100m race, and Nate is feeling pretty good about his chances… until his heart starts thumping as if he were nervous. A quick check with the Yo-kai Watch reveals Terrorpotta is making Nate’s heart race!

But Nate’s not the only one who’s having trouble in the race; Fidgephant makes Bear run to the bathroom, meaning Nate is in first place! Before Nate can get to the finish line suddenly his dad comes charging up the track with his video camera, inspirited by Nekidspeed, a Yo-kai that causes you to run at top speed constantly! And unfortunately for Nate, his dad crosses the finish line before him… meaning his dad took first place, and Nate’s dreams of impressing Katie are put to rest.

Part 2: Springdale Five-Yo: The Finale

In this short episode, Whisper and Komasan are after a bank robber fleeing in a car. En route, Komasan tells Whisper that he’s going to quit being a detective after they wrap up their current case, and go back to living in the countryside. Whisper tells Komasan not to say that kind of thing because it’s the sort of thing characters in dramas and movies say right before they die. Komasan doesn’t think much of it, since he thinks that sort of thing only happens in movies— which worries Whisper even more.

The duo finally chases the culprit into a factory and they soon realize he’s got a gun. Before Whisper can protest, Komasan charges into the factory to take down the culprit, and a gunshot rings out—but it is Whisper that’s been shot and not Komasan.

In a tearful “death” scene, Komasan weeps over Whisper (who’s not really dead) and when Whisper tries to give him his last request, Komasan is too busy arresting the culprit. The episode ends with a flashback of all of Whisper and Komasan’s detective adventures, before showing Komasan picking potatoes out in the countryside like he wanted to. Whisper’s OK too, back at the detective agency with just a big bandage over the hole in his abdomen—and Komasan sent him some potatoes, too!

Part 3: Gourmet School Lunch: Preview

A very short preview of an upcoming series about the joys and sorrows of school lunches, starting in the next episode!