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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by theawesome1, Jan 24, 2016.

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    guys is this a good team

    Baddinayn is level 36, his strength is 101, spirit is 79,defense is 62, speed is 113
    Attitude is serious and rough

    Peckpocket is level 37 his strength is 26, spirit is 71,defense is 104,speed is 55 and his attitude is serious and logical

    Komane is level 37 his strength is 38,spirit is 127, defense is 52,speed is 120 and his attitude is seriouis and logical

    draggie is level 40 , his strength is 53,spirit is 61,defense is 64,speed is 58 and his attitude is stiff and rough

    moskevil is level 36 his strength is 109 ,spirit is 34 ,defense is 55,speed is 97 and his attitude is serious and careful

    snotsolong is level 37, his strength is 52,spirit is 88, defense is 50 ,speed is 71 and his attitude is serious and brainy. (all of them are wearing items except komane)
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    How far are you into the game? If you're around Chapter 11, you may want to switch out Peckpocket, Snotsolong, and maybe Moskevil. You also need a good healer, like Betterfly (fuse Enerfly and Enefly at Shoten Temple), Pinkipoo (Yo-kai World Bridge), or Reversa (fuse Happierre and Dismarelda). A Yo-kai with good defensive abilities is also useful -- try befriending Impass (Hooligan Road, can also be evolved from Noway). If you need a Yo-kai with an effective Inspirit, think about adding one like Abodabat (fuse Hidabat and Tengloom) or Multimutt (fuse two Manjimutt).

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