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Yo-kai Watch Trading Card Game or TCG

Below is a list of all TCG Cards

All TCG Cards

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CardNumberYo-kaiTypeEnergy CostTribeRarityPowerPower Up BonusTribe BonusSpecial Ability
B3-NK1 (1) Card1B3-NK1Yo-kai3BraveCommon400B3-NK1 +100+200Yo-kai in battle with B3-NK1 may not use Power Up bonuses.
Babblong (2) Card2BabblongYo-kai2SlipperyCommon300Babblong +100+200
Blazion (3) Card3BlazionYo-kai2BraveCommon300Blazion +200+100
Bruff (4) Card4BruffYo-kai4ToughCommon500Bruff +200+300
Castelius III (5) Card5Castelius IIIYo-kai3ToughCommon400Castelius III +100+200
Chatalie (6) Card6ChatalieYo-kai1ShadyCommon200Chatalie +100+200
Coughkoff (7) Card7CoughkoffYo-kai0EerieCommon100Coughkoff +100+100
Cruncha (8) Card8CrunchaYo-kai5BraveCommon600Cruncha +200+300
Cynake (9) Card9CynakeYo-kai3SlipperyCommon400Cynake +200+100Cynake gets +200 Power when attacking, but must attack each turn if it is able.
Darumacho (10) Card10DarumachoYo-kai3ToughCommon400Darumacho +200+200
Dismarelda (11) Card11DismareldaYo-kai2EerieCommon300Dismarelda +100+200
Droplette (12) Card12DropletteYo-kai0EerieCommon100Droplette +100+100
Fidgephant (13) Card13FidgephantYo-kai3ToughCommon400Fidgephant +200+200
Frostina (14) Card14FrostinaYo-kai3CharmingCommon400Frostina +200+100When Frostina attacks, tap an opposing Yo-kai with a Yo-kai Energy Cost of 3 or less.
Grubsnitch (15) Card15GrubsnitchYo-kai1HeartfulCommon200Grubsnitch +100+200
Happierre (16) Card16HappierreYo-kai3HeartfulCommon400Happierre +200+200
Heheheel (17) Card17HeheheelYo-kai2SlipperyCommon300Heheheel +200+100
Hidabat (18) Card18HidabatYo-kai2ShadyCommon300Hidabat +200+100
Hungramps (19) Card19HungrampsYo-kai1HeartfulCommon200Hungramps +100+200
Illoo (20) Card20IllooYo-kai2MysteriousCommon300Illoo +100+200
Jibanyan (21) Card21JibanyanYo-kai1CharmingCommon200Jibanyan +100+200
Kapunki (22) Card22KapunkiYo-kai4BraveCommon500Kapunki +200+200
Komasan (23) Card23KomasanYo-kai1CharmingCommon200Komasan +100+200
Ake (24) Card24AkeYo-kai0ShadyCommon100Ake +100+100
Negatibuzz (25) Card25NegatibuzzYo-kai1ShadyCommon200Negatibuzz +100+200
Pandle (26) Card26PandleYo-kai1BraveCommon200Pandle +100+200
Peckpocket (27) Card27PeckpocketYo-kai0EerieCommon100Peckpocket +100+100
Q'wit (28) Card28Q'witYo-kai3MysteriousCommon400Q'wit +200+200
Rhinoggin (29) Card29RhinogginYo-kai4ToughCommon500Rhinoggin +200+300
Robonyan (30) Card30RobonyanYo-kai4ToughCommon500Robonyan +100+300
Roughraff (31) Card31RoughraffYo-kai2ToughCommon300Roughraff +100+200
Signibble (32) Card32SignibbleYo-kai2MysteriousCommon300Signibble +100+200
Snotsolong (33) Card33SnotsolongYo-kai0MysteriousCommon100Snotsolong +100+100
Spenp (34) Card34SpenpYo-kai2SlipperyCommon300Spenp +100+200
Steppa (35) Card35SteppaYo-kai0HeartfulCommon100Steppa +100+100
Suspicioni (36) Card36SuspicioniYo-kai1ShadyCommon200Suspicioni +100+200
Tattletell (37) Card37TattletellYo-kai1MysteriousCommon200Tattletell +100+200
Urnaconda (38) Card38UrnacondaYo-kai2SlipperyCommon300Urnaconda +100+200
Walkappa (39) Card39WalkappaYo-kai1CharmingCommon200Walkappa +100+200
Wiglin (40) Card40WiglinYo-kai0HeartfulCommon100Wiglin +100+100
Abodabat (41) Card41AbodabatYo-kai3ShadyUncommon400Abodabat +200+200
Awevil (42) Card42AwevilYo-kai3ShadyUncommon400Awevil +200+200
Azure Dragon (43) Card43Azure DragonYo-kai4SlipperyUncommon500Azure Dragon +200+300
Bruff (44) Card44BruffYo-kai5ToughUncommon600Bruff +100+100Bruff gains +100 Power for each awake Yo-kai your opponent has in play.
Castelius II (45) Card45Castelius IIYo-kai4ToughUncommon500Castelius II +200+200
Castelius III (46) Card46Castelius IIIYo-kai4ToughUncommon500Castelius III +200+200Yo-kai that lose a battle against Castelius III do not go to sleep. Castelius III untaps at the end of your turn.
Cheeksqueek (47) Card47CheeksqueekYo-kai2EerieUncommon300Cheeksqueek +100+100
Confuze (48) Card48ConfuzeYo-kai3SlipperyUncommon400Confuze +200+200
Coughkoff (49) Card49CoughkoffYo-kai2EerieUncommon300Coughkoff +100+100If Coughkoff loses a battle and goes to sleep, the opposing Yo-kai also goes to sleep.
Darumacho (50) Card50DarumachoYo-kai4ToughUncommon500Darumacho +200+200Darumacho gains +300 Power if you have no other awake Yo-kai.
Dismarelda (51) Card51DismareldaYo-kai3EerieUncommon400Dismarelda +200+100When Dismarelda battles, unless your opponent flips a Yo-kai Medal and it lands faceup, the opposing Yo-kai's Power is 0.
Duchoo (52) Card52DuchooYo-kai2MysteriousUncommon300Duchoo +100+100When Duchoo battles, neither player may flip any Yo-kai Medals.
Dulluma (53) Card53DullumaYo-kai1ToughUncommon100Dulluma +200+200Dulluma gains +100 Power for each other Tribe you have in play.
Grubsnitch (54) Card54GrubsnitchYo-kai2HeartfulUncommon300Grubsnitch +100+100Grubsnitch gains +200 Power versus Yo-kai in the Mysterious Tribe.
Heheheel (55) Card55HeheheelYo-kai4SlipperyUncommon500Heheheel +200+200If your opponent fails a Yo-kai Medal flip against Heheheel, you may tap another Yo-kai.
Hungramps (56) Card56HungrampsYo-kai2HeartfulUncommon300Hungramps +100+100If Hungramps loses a battle, your opponent must choose and discard 1 card from their hand.
Jibanyan (57) Card57JibanyanYo-kai2CharmingUncommon300Jibanyan +100+200
Mochismo (58) Card58MochismoYo-kai2BraveUncommon300Mochismo +100+200
Pandle (59) Card59PandleYo-kai2BraveUncommon300Pandle +100+100
Rhinoggin (60) Card60RhinogginYo-kai5ToughUncommon600Rhinoggin +200+200If Rhinoggin successfully defends an attack, untap one of your other Yo-kai.
Rhyth (61) Card61RhythYo-kai1HeartfulUncommon200Rhyth +100+200
Shogunyan (62) Card62ShogunyanYo-kai4BraveUncommon500Shogunyan +300+200When you play Shogunyan, flip a Yo-kai Medal. If it lands facedown, put Shogunyan and any opposing Yo-kai to sleep.
Shrook (63) Card63ShrookYo-kai3SlipperyUncommon400Shrook +200+100Whenever you Power Up Shrook, draw 1 additional card.
Signibble (64) Card64SignibbleYo-kai3MysteriousUncommon300Signibble +200+200Signibble gains +300 Power when defending.
Snotsolong (65) Card65SnotsolongYo-kai1MysteriousUncommon200Snotsolong +100+100Untap Snotsolong at the end of your turn.
Spenp (66) Card66SpenpYo-kai3SlipperyUncommon400Spenp +200+100When Spenp is played, both players reveal their hands. Each player discards their card with the highest Yo-kai Energy Cost.
Urnaconda (67) Card67UrnacondaYo-kai3SlipperyUncommon400Urnaconda +200+100Urnaconda cannot be blocked by Yo-kai in the Shady or Mysterious Tribes.
Venoct (68) Card68VenoctYo-kai4SlipperyUncommon500Venoct +200+300
Walldin (69) Card69WalldinYo-kai3ToughUncommon400Walldin +200+200
Wazzat (70) Card70WazzatYo-kai0MysteriousUncommon100Wazzat +100+100
Abodabat (71) Card71AbodabatYo-kai4ShadyFoil500Abodabat +200+200Abodabat gains +400 Power if no other Yo-kai have attacked yet this turn.
Awevil (72) Card72AwevilYo-kai5ShadyFoil600Awevil +300+100Awevil gains +200 Power for each Tribe, other than Shady, your opponent has awake and in play.
Azure Dragon (73) Card73Azure DragonYo-kai5SlipperyFoil600Azure Dragon +200+200Yo-kai with a Yo-kai Energy Cost of 3 or less cannot block Azure Dragon.
B3-NK1 (74) Card74B3-NK1Yo-kai5BraveFoil600B3-NK1 +200+200When B3-NK1 attacks, your opponent must choose and discard a Power Up card.
Babblong (75) Card75BabblongYo-kai3SlipperyFoil400Babblong +200+200Babblong gets +400 Power against Yo-kai in the Slippery Tribe.
Blazion (76) Card76BlazionYo-kai4BraveFoil500Blazion +200+200While Blazion is untapped, your opponent must attack with at least 1 Yo-kai during their turn.
Chatalie (77) Card77ChatalieYo-kai2EerieFoil300Chatalie +100+100When Chatalie attacks, if you choose to flip a Yo-kai Medal and it lands facedown, neither Yo-kai will go to sleep this battle.
Cheeksqueek (78) Card78CheeksqueekYo-kai4EerieFoil500Cheeksqueek +200+200When Cheeksqueek attacks, if your opponent has only one Tribe able to defend, tap any 2 Yo-kai.
Cruncha (79) Card79CrunchaYo-kai6BraveFoil800Cruncha +300+300When you successfully flip a Yo-kai Medal and Cruncha wins the battle, your opponent draws 1 Life card.
Cynake (80) Card80CynakeYo-kai5SlipperyFoil600Cynake +200+200When you play Cynake, each player picks one of their Yo-kai in play and discards that stack.
Droplette (81) Card81DropletteYo-kai2EerieFoil300Droplette +100+100Yo-kai with a Yo-kai Energy Cost of 3 or more can't defend against Droplette.
Fidgephant (82) Card82FidgephantYo-kai4ToughFoil500Fidgephant +200+200Yo-kai wth 2 or more Power Ups cannot defend against Fidgephant.
Frostina (83) Card83FrostinaYo-kai4CharmingFoil500Frostina +200+100When Frostina attacks, tap all opposing Yo-kai with a Yo-kai Energy Cost of 2 or less.
Grumples (84) Card84GrumplesYo-kai4EerieFoil500Grumples +300+100
Happierre (85) Card85HappierreYo-kai5HeartfulFoil600Happierre +200+200When Happierre blocks and goes to sleep, if you have no remaining awake Yo-kai, your opponent cannot make any more attacks this turn.
Hidabat (86) Card86HidabatYo-kai3ShadyFoil400Hidabat +200+100When Hidabat attacks and makes your opponent draw a Life card, you may attack again if your opponent has more Life cards than you do.
Illoo (87) Card87IllooYo-kai4MysteriousFoil500Illoo +200+200When Illoo goes to sleep, draw 1 card.
Jibanyan (88) Card88JibanyanYo-kai3CharmingFoil400Jibanyan +200+100When Jibanyan goes to sleep, if you have any other sleeping Yo-kai in the Charming Tribe, wake them up, and untap them.
Kapunki (89) Card89KapunkiYo-kai5BraveFoil600Kapunki +200+200Once per turn, if Kapunki is tapped, you may discard any card to untap Kapunki when your opponent attacks.
Komajiro (90) Card90KomajiroYo-kai3CharmingFoil400Komajiro +200+100Komajiro gets +300 Power when you have Komasan awake and in play.
Komasan (91) Card91KomasanYo-kai2CharmingFoil300Komasan +100+100Komasan gains +400 Power if you have Komajiro awake and in play.
Komiger (92) Card92KomigerYo-kai3CharmingFoil400Komajiro +200+200If you place Komiger on your Komajiro, wake up all of your Yo-kai.
Kyubi (93) Card93KyubiYo-kai5MysteriousFoil600Kyubi +200+300When Kyubi attacks or defends, if you flip a Yo-kai Medal and it lands facep, you may double Kyubi's Power Up bonus or draw 1 card.
Ake (94) Card94AkeYo-kai2ShadyFoil300Ake +100+200When Ake is played, remove a Power Up card from all opposing Yo-kai with two Power Up cards.
Mochismo (95) Card95MochismoYo-kai4BraveFoil500Mochismo +200+200Mochismo gains +300 Power if all your other Yo-kai in play are tapped or sleeping.
Negatibuzz (96) Card96NegatibuzzYo-kai2ShadyFoil300Negatibuzz +100+100When Negatibuzz is placed, tap 1 opposing Yo-kai.
Peckpocket (97) Card97PeckpocketYo-kai2EerieFoil300Peckpocket +100+100When Peckpocket attacks and makes your opponent draw a Life card, your opponent must discard 1 Actio card from their hand or reveal that they have none.
Q'wit (98) Card98Q'witYo-kai4MysteriousFoil500Q'wit +200+200When this Yo-kai blocks, if the block is successful, tap all Yo-kai of the same Tribe as the blocked Yo-kai.
Rhyth (99) Card99RhythYo-kai3HeartfulFoil400Rhyth +200+100If you have Rhyth in play when you place a new Yo-kai in the Heartful Tribe, draw 1 card.
Robonyan (100) Card100RobonyanYo-kai5ToughFoil600Robonyan +200+200You may flip your Yo-Kai Medal twice when Robonyan battles and get a Power Up for each success.
Roughraff (101) Card101RoughraffYo-kai3ToughFoil300Roughraff +200+200When Roughraff attacks, your opponent must immediately put any Charming and Heartful Yo-kai Medals they have into their Used area.
Shogunyan (102) Card102ShogunyanYo-kai5BraveFoil700Shogunyan +200+200When Shogunyan is placed, flip a Yo-kai Medal. If it lands faceup, discard all Jibanyans in play. Wake this Yo-kai up at the start of your turn.
Steppa (103) Card103SteppaYo-kai2HeartfulFoil300Steppa +100+100Steppa gains +200 Power for each other awake Yo-kai you have in the Heartful Tribe.
Suspicioni (104) Card104SuspicioniYo-kai4ShadyFoil500Suspicioni +200+200When Suspicioni is put to sleep, wake up one of your Yo-kai.
Tattletell (105) Card105TattletellYo-kai2MysteriousFoil300Tattletell +100+100When Tattletell attacks, you may look at your opponent's hand.
Venoct (106) Card106VenoctYo-kai5SlipperyFoil600Venoct +200+300When Venoct attacks or defends, recover 1 Yo-kai Medal from your Used area.
Walkappa (107) Card107WalkappaYo-kai3CharmingFoil400Walkappa +200+100When Walkappa wins a battle, draw 1 card.
Walldin (108) Card108WalldinYo-kai5ToughFoil600Walldin +200+200Your other Yo-kai in play gain +200 Power when defending while Walldin is awake and in play.
Wazzat (109) Card109WazzatYo-kai2MysteriousFoil300Wazzat +100+100When you place Wazzat, discard 2 cards from your hand and draw 2 cards.
Wiglin (110) Card110WiglinYo-kai2HeartfulFoil300Wiglin +100+100When Wiglin is awake, draw 1 card whenever you place another Yo-kai in the Heartful Tribe.
Bear's Enthusiasm (111) Card111Action0UncommonAll your Yo-kai gain +200 Power this turn. If you win a battle this turn, draw 1 card.
Wakey-Wakey (112) Card112Action2UncommonYou may wake up up to 2 of your Yo-kai.
Never-Ending Chocolate (113) Card113Action3UncommonWhenever you would put a Yo-kai Medal in your Used area this turn, recover it at the end of a battle.
Katie's Charm (114) Card114Action2UncommonYour attacking Yo-kai immediately wake up the first time they are put to sleep this turn.
Eye of the Tiger (115) Card115Action3UncommonIf you make your opponent draw a Life card this turn, you may continue to attack until you make them draw a second Life card (or choose to stop).
Malfunction (116) Card116Action0UncommonYour opponent's next Yo-kai Medal flip automatically fails.
Nyight-Nyight (117) Card117Action0UncommonPut any 1 of your Yo-kai to sleep.
Terror Time (118) Card118Action3UncommonPut 2 of your Yo-kai and 2 of your opponent's Yo-kai of your choice to sleep.
Samurai Don't Sleep (119) Card119Action1UncommonWake up 1 of your Yo-kai. That Yo-kai cannot be put to sleep in its next battle this turn.
Whisper's Advice (120) Card120Action2UncommonFlip a Yo-kai Medal. If the flip is a success, draw 2 cards. Otherwise, draw 1 card.
Awevil (121) Card121AwevilYo-kai4ShadyUncommon500Awevil +200+300
B3-NK1 (122) Card122B3-NK1Yo-kai3BraveCommon400B3-NK1 +200+200
Blazion (123) Card123BlazionYo-kai3BraveCommon400Blazion +100+100
Dazzabel (124) Card124DazzabelYo-kai0CharmingCommon100Dazzabel +100+100
Frostina (125) Card125FrostinaYo-kai4CharmingCommon500Frostina +200+300
Hidabat (126) Card126HidabatYo-kai1ShadyCommon200Hidabat +200+200
Jibanyan (127) Card127JibanyanYo-kai0CharmingCommon100Jibanyan +100+100
Komajiro (128) Card128KomajiroYo-kai1CharmingCommon200Komajiro +100+200
Komasan (129) Card129KomasanYo-kai0CharmingCommon100Komasan +100+100
Leadoni (130) Card130LeadoniYo-kai1ShadyCommon200Leadoni +100+200
Mochismo (131) Card131MochismoYo-kai1BraveCommon200Mochismo +100+200
Negatibuzz (132) Card132NegatibuzzYo-kai0ShadyCommon100Negatibuzz +100+100
Pandle (133) Card133PandleYo-kai0BraveCommon100Pandle +100+100
Pupsicle (134) Card134PupsicleYo-kai0CharmingCommon100Pupsicle +100+100
Shmoopie (135) Card135ShmoopieYo-kai2CharmingCommon300Shmoopie +200+100
Suspicioni (136) Card136SuspicioniYo-kai2ShadyCommon300Suspicioni +100+200
Undy (137) Card137UndyYo-kai2BraveCommon300Undy +100+200
Walkappa (138) Card138WalkappaYo-kai2CharmingCommon300Walkappa +100+200
Awevil (139) Card139AwevilYo-kai5ShadyUncommon600Awevil +200+300Awevil gains +300 Power when battling Yo-kai in the Charming Tribe.
B3-NK1 (140) Card140B3-NK1Yo-kai4BraveUncommon500B3-NK1 +200+200When B3-NK1 attacks, your opponent must discard 1 Power Up card they have in play.
Dazzabel (141) Card141DazzabelYo-kai1CharmingUncommon200Dazzabel +100+100Dazzabel gains +100 Power when attacking.
Frostina (142) Card142FrostinaYo-kai5CharmingUncommon600Frostina +200+300When Frostina wins a battle, tap all other Yo-kai of the same Tribe.
Hidabat (143) Card143HidabatYo-kai2ShadyUncommon300Hidabat +100+100Hidabat cannot be blocked by Yo-kai in the Charming Tribe.
Komajiro (144) Card144KomajiroYo-kai2CharmingFoil300Komajiro +100+100If Komasan is in play and awake when Komajiro goes to sleep, put 1 opposing Yo-kai to sleep also.
Komasan (145) Card145KomasanYo-kai3CharmingUncommon400Komasan +200+100Komasan gains +200 Power if you have Komajiro in play and awake.
Leadoni (146) Card146LeadoniYo-kai3ShadyUncommon400Leadoni +200+100When Leadoni attacks, you may choose an opposing Yo-kai, and that Yo-kai must block if it can.
Mochismo (147) Card147MochismoYo-kai2BraveUncommon300Mochismo +100+100Mochismo gains +300 Power if any of your Yo-kai are sleeping.
Negatibuzz (148) Card148NegatibuzzYo-kai1ShadyUncommon200Negatibuzz +100+100If you have fewer Life cards than your opponent, untap Negatibuzz at the end of your turn/
Pandle (149) Card149PandleYo-kai1BraveUncommon200Pandle +100+100When Pandle attacks, draw 1 card.
Pupsicle (150) Card150PupsicleYo-kai1CharmingUncommon200Pupsicle +100+100When Pupsicle is put to sleep, tap 1 opposing Yo-kai.
Shmoopie (151) Card151ShmoopieYo-kai3CharmingUncommon400Shmoopie +200+100Shmoopie cannot be blocked by Yo-kai int he Charming Tribe.
Suspicioni (152) Card152SuspicioniYo-kai4ShadyUncommon500Suspicioni +200+200When Suspicioni goes to sleep, draw 1 card.
Undy (153) Card153UndyYo-kai3BraveUncommon400Undy +100+200When Undy wins a battle, draw 1 card.
Walkappa (154) Card154WalkappaYo-kai3CharmingFoil400Walkappa +100+200When Walkappa attacks, draw 1 card.
Blazion (155) Card155BlazionYo-kai4BraveFoil500Blazion +200+200Blazion gets +200 Power when attacking but must attack each turn if it can.
Jibanyan (156) Card156JibanyanYo-kai3CharmingFoil300Jibanyan +200+100Untap Jibanyan at the end of your turn.
Burst of Energy (157) Card157Action2CommonAt the end of this turn, you may untap all of your Yo-kai.
Do Your Thing! (158) Card158Action2CommonFlip a Yo-kai Medal. If the flip is a success, wake up one of your Yo-kai, and put an opposing Yo-kai to sleep.