FT Devourer, Gleam, Mermother, and others

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by beastlover92, Sep 15, 2017.

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    In addition to those above, I have Cruncha, Frostail, Almi, Appelican, Buchinyan, Kapunki, Gush, Flengu, Skreek, Auntie Heart, Singcada, Kingmera, Uber Geeko, So-Sorree, Goldenyan, Qwit, Danke Sand, Dracunyan, Happy Cane, Pookivil, am also willing to trade some of my legendaries Slurpent, Poofessor and Spoilerina for the following yokai: Hornaplenty, Everfore, Sandi, Beezlebold Pandanoko. I can even get the person willing to trade a Shogunyan, Gilgaros and Komashura if they are patient. Thanks!

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